Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts 2019: Comics Activism - Complete Panel!

You can now watch the complete Comics Activism panel from the 2019 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts!

I hope you enjoy the panel and it gives you some insight on BIPOC creatives. If you dig what we all had to say and the work we’re doing hit all of us up and support us - but only because you want to and not because you think you should! Excelsior!

Ben Passmore

Brian Parker

Nikki Robinson

Clara Emiliana

Sean Wynn

Special thanks to Shaun Gilroy for recording the panel! You rock!

Extra special thanks to Andréa Gilroy and Katie Pryde for putting together this event and givin' us a platform to speak!

Fast Color, Black Girl Magic, and the Unwillingness to Market Black Films to Non-Black Audiences

Fast Color has had my interest since its trailer popped up online a couple of months ago. It's out now and it’s getting great reviews. Too bad most of us will never see it in a theater, seeing how it’s only been released in 25 theaters nationwide.

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