Who is Pharoah Bolding?

Pharoah Bolding is a gentleman and a scholar. Anyone who says otherwise is a dirty rotten hobo-liar and should not be trusted. Pharoah is also the World's Greatest Comic Drawin’, Pop-Culture Skewerin’, Wrestling Lovin', Race Equity Seekin’, Smack Talkin’ HR professional, ready and willing to defend his title at a moment's notice! By day Pharoah kicks HR butt with a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion! the day Pharoah makes comics, watches wrestling, and kicks pop culture butt! 

In other words Pharoah kicks a lot of butt - and this website is dedicated to chronicling all of that butt kickin’!

Pharoah has worked in human resources for everyone from the Portland Trail Blazers, to nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher ed, with a focus on equity and inclusion, building inclusive workplaces and work cultures, ethical recruiting, facilitating professional and personal development trainings and participating in “expert” panels and discussions whenever he can. Pharoah is also a writer and illustrator, having contributed opinion pieces, sequential art, pinup, graphic design, and poster work for such entities as 215 Ink, T.R.I.B.E. Comics, Los Comex, Main Enterprises,,,, indie rock outfit Bear Planet, and the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR.

Pharoah currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his life partner Heather and more action figures, comic books, and professional wrestling masks than a man his age should own. Pharoah is available for HR consults, job interview prep, bias and anti-racism trainings, panels, commissions, bar mitzvahs, bas mitzvahs, wakes, funerals, weddings, 80’s action movie re-enactments, and pro wrestling grudge matches. To contact him about any of the aforementioned please drop him a line via any of the social media links below or via email at pharoahbolding @!