The Power of Thirty Minutes

I enjoy doing informational interviews. Why? Because giving a fellow professional your time and sharing your experience, insight and resources with them can help them do everything from figuring out the next steps they want to take in their current career to formulating a plan to transition to a new career and even help a professional new to a field or city to make connections and build a network. 

When I was in my last two years of college I couldn't PAY someone to give me thirty minutes of their time. Everyone I reached out to were always too busy, would state they would get back to me but go radio silent, or not respond at all to my inquiry to pick their brains. I promised myself that if I ever found myself in a position to help others and to do informational interviews or chat sessions I would make the time on my calendar and in my schedule to accommodate. I've learned that thirty - sixty minutes of your time can really help someone and aid them in changing the trajectory of their career, and I am always uplifted when I am able to help someone land a new job, successfully transition to an exciting new career, or just help them feel heard and build a community.

This morning I received this Thank You card from someone I had an informational interview with a few weeks ago.


They reached out to let me know that they landed a new position after we had an informational chat that lasted around thirty minutes or so. I don't always receive Thank You cards, and I'm definitely not on the hunt for them, but I can say that I have helped dozens of people over the last few years during my career in Human Resources find new jobs or change careers and all it took was a little bit of my time.

Never be too busy to help someone. It doesn't take much of your time to make an impact.