If you're interviewing candidates for a position and you're still using scoring grids, point systems, or any kind of system that alludes to the "right answer" your interviewers should be seeking that earns a candidate extra points over another then your approach to interviewing is desperately in need of an overhaul. Point systems and scoring grids are rampant with bias and favoritism and leads to "comparison shopping", comparing candidates to one another based on a perceived "more bang for your buck" value to see which one you should place in your cart. These systems have also been shown to be discriminatory as well as lacking in malleability, leaving great candidates with transferable skills and/or personal and professional backgrounds that could expand the role you're looking to fill in exciting ways on the cutting room floor.

Effective interviews are built on behavioral questions, smart follow-ups for elaboration, and not comparing candidates to one another or a scoring grid but comparing candidates to the top eight to ten non-biased attributes (tangibles and intangibles) that you are looking for in someone who will excel in the role and in your organization. Don't leave candidates on the cutting room floor - leave scoring systems instead.