It's 2019. If your organization is still putting up job postings or blurbs on their website with lines like "we actively seek diversity in our programs and employment practices” and/or “we welcome and encourage applicants from historically underrepresented minority groups to apply to our jobs" then it's time to re-evaluate how welcoming and open to diversity, equity, and inclusion your organization actually is. Truth be told, this kind of language usually denotes that someone in your department or organization REALLY wants to hire "other” or “different people" but doesn't actually have the capacity or drive to truly build a better culture and environment that supports all people. On top of that it also screams of pandering to the masses and trying to present yourself as something that you're not. A diversity statement, or a section of your website and company social media dedicated to your efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the community and your organization, is one thing. But base statements like the aforementioned sound insincere.

Think about it: if you really were an equitable and inclusive workplace, or had a reputation as one, you wouldn’t have to use all of the jargon and buzzwords to grab “other” and “different” applicants, would you?