I'm On This Week's "Find Your Dream Job" Podcast!

So...I'm this week's guest on Mac's List "Find Your Dream Job" podcast! I had a great time talking about what to do when you think you've bombed an interview because, well, it may not always be your fault. Thank you for having me on the podcast, Mac!

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When you bomb a job interview, it feels terrible. Don’t get discouraged, it’s possible that it wasn’t entirely your fault. Maybe you expected to speak one-on-one with the hiring manager and you walked into a panel of people asking you questions. Perhaps you were prepared to answer behavioral questions, but instead you received off-the-wall questions you did not anticipate. Find Your Dream Job guest Pharoah Bolding says it’s perfectly fine for you to ask the hiring manager ahead of time what your interview format will be so that you can go into the conversation prepared. Pharoah also shares how to overcome pre-interview anxiety to ensure that you present your best self to the interviewer.

"Good Old Boys": An Episode of Revisionist History

Revisionist History logo. ©2019 Pushkin Industries. All Rights Reserved.

Revisionist History logo. ©2019 Pushkin Industries. All Rights Reserved.

Last week's episode of Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, Revisionist History, is…interesting. It's such a snapshot of how nothing has really changed in the United States and how these conversations about racism and white supremacy have only slightly progressed. With that said, this episode does a good job of touching on while it may seem daunting that these conversations need to keep happening because they are the only way to make sure we address white supremacy and call supremacists and bigots out for their actions, words, and behaviors. The blurb:

If you disagree with someone — if you find what they think appalling — is there any value in talking to them? In the early 1970s, the talk show host Dick Cavett, the governor of Georgia Lester Maddox, and the singer Randy Newman tried to answer this question.

You can listen to it here.

Caution: the word “nigger” is used throughout the podcast by white folx. While it is within the context of the narrative Gladwell is constructing here, and used within a certain historical context, it is still said by white folx as a racist term and as part of the discussion of the comfort and discomfort of spewing racist words and phrases.