I Went to Lake Oswego. I'm Not Gonna Go Back to Lake Oswego.

So folx who follow my work and exploits via this website or social media know that I spent the bulk of the afternoon of Saturday, June 22, 2019, in Lake Oswego, Oregon, at the 2019 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. I was invited by Andréa Gilroy and Katie Pryde, the awesome exhibit and content curators of this year’s event, to take part in a panel with five other comic creators and geek culture curators of color to discuss how our personal experiences and views align with the comic work that we create. The folx I sat in community with on that panel - Ben Passmore, Clara Emiliana, Nichole Robinson, Brian Parker, and Sean Wynn - are all incredible folx doing impactful work that I have considered friends and associates for some time now (make that a new friend and associate in Ben Passmore). In my humble opinion the panel itself was phenomenal (you can watch it in its entirety here); we all shared the space we were given with no hang-ups and had a robust discussion that touched on a myriad of topics while pulling no punches. I would like to thank Andréa and Katie for having me as a panelist, for putting together this panel, and allowing us the space to roll with it as we wanted. But I walked away from my afternoon in Lake Oswego with one firm understanding:

I ain’t never going back to Lake Oswego ever again.

You couldn’t pay me to go back to Lake Oswego.

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Portland Hiring Trends 2019: How to Land Meaningful Work in Nonprofits Panel!

Last Thursday night, March 28, I had the pleasure and honor to be a part of the expert panel for the first of three networking and informational events that make up Mac's List's Portland Hiring Trends 2019 networking series. I am proud to have been a part of, and help to coordinate, the How to Land Meaningful Work in Nonprofits event at Reed College. I also feel so privileged to have been on a such a powerhouse panel as the one I was a part of Cinthia Manuel of Portland Leadership Foundation, Crystal Jackson of Meyer Memorial Trust, and Meghan Prichard of Mercy Corps.

I'd like to thank Mac's List for having me and my fellow panelists for offering their insight, experience, and empathy to a packed house of 125 attendees. I'd also like to thank all of you who attended and connected with me after the event. Let's keep the conversation and empathy flowing!